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The Sanctuary of my Thoughts
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13th-Nov-2007 12:12 pm - Woah...
Kuzco - Sad
It has been days since I posted something here in my LJ. I really missed the virtual world. I'm quite busy... to say the least. I can't find time to write down the next chapters of my story and it's irritating me. I already received reviews and emails from readers asking me when will I update and continue my story. *sigh* I can't seem to find something to inspire me. Honestly, I feel pressured. >,<

The real world is also currently inflicting much unwanted pressure on me, my friends, family, school.... you name it. I'm getting tired... really tired. I wish the Christmas holidays will come soon. I need rest, like bad. 0_o
16th-Oct-2007 04:52 pm - Happy Birthday jessicakmalfoy!
Draco and Ginny
Today, a very special friend of mine is celebrating her birthday...

If only I could actually give you a cake... and a present to boot! Alas, this is the only thing I could do for now... ^^

Stay sweet, nice and pretty! Hope you had a splendid day! *huggles*
13th-Oct-2007 01:59 pm - To My Readers
Kuzco - Sad
OK... I said that I'm gonna update TPB last Friday, but I didn't and I'm feeling very guilty right now. I'm really sorry... Examinations just ended this week and I was studying all throughout the last weekend. Maybe you're saying, "Why aren't you updating your story now?" Well, that's because I'm fixing up the chapters I just finished writing down on my notebook. I'm not entirely happy with them yet, and I don't want to post a chapter then regret it later.

Besides, I'm also waiting for the chapters I sent to my new, yes new, beta reader. I'm planning to publish my story in other websites and that's kinda not happening because I only have chapters 1-3, which she's already done betaing. I don't know the cause of her delay, but I'm not complaining. She last told me that she's still quite busy, and I'm willing to wait.

I'm really sorry for not updating. Oh, and to those who are worrying if I'm gonna abandon my story, I've said it many times before, and I'm saying it again, that's not really gonna happen. I'm gonna update TPB eventually... I won't promise a date for I don't want to break it. I'll keep ya'll posted.
2nd-Oct-2007 10:39 pm - *cough* *cough*
Draco and Ginny
I'm not feeling very well... It rained during the weekend and I was out during the most part of it. I forgot to bring my umbrella and as a result, I now have a cough and a cold. It really annoys me, a runny nose and sore throat isn't a stroll in the park... All I need now is a fever and my life couldn't get worse. And I almost did hours ago, I immediately drank my vitamins and medicine. Thankfully, that prevented it.

The weather is so unpredictable... Especially here in the Philippines. 0_o
29th-Sep-2007 07:06 pm - Get Together
Draco and Ginny
A few minutes from now, me and my family are going out to dinner (along with the family of my mom's only sister). We're gonna celebrate my aunt's birthday. I'm not really fond of family outings, but I do love seeing my relatives, especially 2 of my cousins. They're like my extra sisters... We always have a blast when we're together. I wonder what will happen tonight... I'm so excited! I have to go and fix myself up. Ta ta!

P.S. I already finished writing the next chapter of my story. Hoorah! All that's left for me to do is type it down and post it in ff.net... Keep a sharp eye for that one! ^^
28th-Sep-2007 11:38 pm - Yawn!
At 7pm today, I arrived from voice rehearsals. I changed my clothes, ate a light snack, watched TV, etc. I did those kind of usual stuff for about half an hour. My eyes were beginning to droop by 7:30pm. So, I decided to take a nap... which lead to a 4-hour sleep. *facepalm*

I had set an alarm on my cellphone at 8pm, but I didn't even hear it! If it wasn't for my twin sister, I would have slept all throughout the night on the living room couch. I guess I really am exhausted. *grumbles* Now, I'm finally awake... and it's almost midnight. I wouldn't be able to sleep for some time right now.

Am I really a vampiress during the weekends?
25th-Sep-2007 09:14 pm - Do Re Mi...
Draco&#39;s Letter
Life's been OK so far... School's not that stressing anymore and my life's beginning to go back to normal. The only thing jamming up my schedule are voice rehearsals. We have 2 upcoming "concerts" and because of this, everyday right after school, the music society hold practices. So, instead of starting on my schoolwork, I'm left at school to sing my heart out. lol ^^ But I do enjoy it very much... Singing has been one of my passions since I was very young.

Anyhoo, now that I'm not that busy anymore, I'll definitely have time to get on with some chapters of my story. I'm already feeling guilty... my readers are beginning to get worried for I haven't updated my story for weeks! Maybe they're already thinking that I abandoned it. NO WAY! (lol) Just hang in there guys... The next chapter will be right up. *huggles*
22nd-Sep-2007 02:46 pm - Happy Birthday Tom!
Draco and Ginny
A very happy 20th birthday to Thomas Andrew Felton! ^^

I would like to recommend Contra Veritas to all of those Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy fans out there! It's a site dedicated for the Draco/Hermione shipping (I hate it for that), but I personally like it for it's awesome gallery of Tom/Draco pics and the once in a while news about him. Like this most recent one yet...

"Mr. Felton has decided to grow his hair out and dye it blonde again for his upcoming role as Draco in HBP…"

The site also provided pictures of him attending the recent premiere of “The Heartbreak Kid”. I'm happy to know he's still going to portray Draco in the HP films and that he's growing his hair back. I do love his hair that way... *giggles*

See?! Contra Veritas, despite the D/Hr fandom, really is kinda cool. I haven't heard of any news about Tom for ages and I'm really happy to hear something about him.
19th-Sep-2007 10:14 pm - The Horror!
Draco and Ginny
School is really annoying me... It's taking up most of my time! I couldn't even go online during weekdays. My schedule is really hectic at the moment, there are schoolworks left, right and center. I also have voice rehearsals during the afternoon. I don't know what to do! For the past 3 consecutive days, I sleep sometime during midnight and wake up at 5:30am, or even worse: earlier if I have to study for an exam. Can you believe it? I can't even have a decent 7-8 hours of sleep! I do wonder why my twin sister isn't stressed like me. Urgh! I'm really looking forward to the weekend... 0.o
14th-Sep-2007 09:46 pm - *happy dance*
Draco and Ginny
It's the weekend... need I say more?! *squee* Finally, some peace and quiet. I'll definitely not go to the mall or something... I'll just stay cooped up here at home. I'm so tired, 2 days of relaxation here is very much welcomed. ^^

Snagged from humbuggirl

Pick your birth month.
• Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
• Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
• Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under a cut.

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.

P.S. I don't even have any children... I'm still single! lol ^^
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